Jason M. Piel

Art Direction / Creative Direction based in Greater Seattle area, WA, USA

A creative leader and digital artist with 20+ years of experience in video games, marketing, illustration, & animation.

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Address Sammamish, WA

Jason M. Piel
Digital Artist, Creative Leader, Interactive Designer

I am a visual storyteller, with the majority of my career in an art leadership role. Regardless of style, audience, or platform, I like to break down Art Direction to three main components: Creative, Management, and Technical.

Creative - This is the heart of my career. I like to lead by example, and learn the techniques and processes of all art disciplines through first-hand experience. I enjoy contributing, and the respect that comes with working side by side with the art team. I have also done some game design, writing, and IP development.

Management - As a studio Art Director and Lead, I provided schedules, constructive critiques, hiring decisions, outsourcing solutions, and performance reviews while constantly working to elevate the overall studio art standards. I have also been called upon to present proposals with studio executives at Disney, Marvel, DreamWorks, EA, Nick, and more.

Technical - I have helped to bring in-house tech from first-gen to second-gen, and mobile. I have created custom game shaders, documented pipelines, collaborated on tools, and have been a part of software patent submissions. Along with the fun of innovation, I also view technical advances as a practical way to allow more time for creative efforts.

In my more recent roles in marketing/creative services, I have worked closely with user acquisition, business analysts, and development teams. I like using player data to support creative efforts, and help to bring titles to the mobile marketplace with confidence.

I’ve been integral to the entire product cycle over the course of my career; pre-production, development, product launch, and live support. Though the tools and platforms change over time, creative direction always relies on a foundation of good art & design principles. I am a big picture champion, and I love to lead creative collaboration with a talented team of developers.
Thank you - JP


EA / PopCap

Sr. Artist, Creative Services

Seattle, WA · Dec 2015 – Present

Live Creative Services: Pitches and prototype art assets for incubation teams. Marketing assets, illustration, app store creative, design, and advertising for the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, Bejeweled franchise, and legacy PopCap titles.


Sr. Artist

Seattle, WA · Sept 2015 – Dec 2015

Contract position with a focus on UI/UX, illustration, branding, & help elevate the overall art quality of a casual mobile casino game.


Sr. Marketing Artist

Seattle, WA · 12/2014 – 7/2015

Pre-launch focus: User acquisition, Click through rates, Cost per install

Icons, Logos, App-store assets, Key art, Ads, Video production support

Paradise Bay – Released in test markets, Launching world-wide soon

Unannounced mid-core title

Glu Mobile

Sr. Designer, Creative Services

Bellevue, WA · 5/2012 – 11/2014

Mobile Games:
Deer Hunter 2014
Blood & Glory Immortals
Contract Killer: Sniper
Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores
Amazing Battle Creatures
Eternity Warriors 3
Defenders & Dragons
Frontline Commando: D-Day
Tons of Guns
Samurai vs. Zombies Defense 2
Small City
Dragon Storm
Stardom Hollywood
Contract Killer Zombies 2
Death Dome
Enchant U
My Dragon
Ham on the Run
Gears & Guts
Tavern Quest
Lil’ Kingdom
Samurai vs. Zombies Defense
Deer Hunter Reloaded

Acquisition: App-store assets, Brand development, Graphic design, Key art, Video production, Ads

Player Retention: Live event promotions, Seasonal content, Social media

Gazillion / The Amazing Society

Sr. Artist

Issaquah, WA · 2/2010 – 4/2012

The Lab

Innovation: Prototypes, Pitches, Concepts, Technical art, Trade show design

Protection: Marketing, Video, and Production art to keep Marvel Super Hero Squad Online on schedule

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
Credited as Art Generalist – Unity FX, modeling, animation, UI, video.

Griptonite Games / Amaze entertainment

Art Director / Art Lead

Kirkland, WA · 4/2003 – 2/2010

Art Lead:
“The Princess and the Frog” (Wii), Disney Interactive
“Where The Wild Things Are” (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii), Warner Brothers Interactive

Art Lead/Studio Art Director:
“Shrek the Third” (Xbox, Wii, PS2, PSP), Activision
“Call of Duty: Roads to Victory” (PSP), Activision
“The Lord of the Rings: Tactics” (PSP), EA
“Digimon Rumble Arena 2” (GC, PS2, Xbox), Ban Dai

Management: Art team mentorship, Scheduling, Outsourcing, Critiques, Hiring, Performance reviews

Creative: Prototypes, Design proposals, Concept art, Original IP development, Leadership by example

Technical: Define processes, tools, specifications, techniques, production pipeline improvements

Sierra On-Line

Art Director / Game Designer

Bellevue, WA · 3/1995 – 4/2003

“Hoyle Casino Empire”, Game Designer / Art Director

“Jonny Drama: Beatnik Secret-Agent”, Game Designer / Art Director, unpublished

“King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity”, Art Director

“Leisure Suit Larry 7 – Love For Sail!”, Art Director / Background Designer / Animation

“Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within”, Additional animation, Video compositing

“Phantasmagoria”, Video compositing

“The Realm”, Art / Animation

“Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier”, Animation

Character Builders

Assistant Animator

Worthington, OH · 2/1992 – 3/1995

Assistant Animator
“The Swan Princess”
”Bebe’s Kids”
”We’re Back”

“Happily Ever After”
“Life with Louie”
“Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?”


Columbus College of Art & Design

BFA, Illustration

Columbus, OH · 1988 – 1992

BFA, Illustration
Magna Cum Laude
Advertising Design Minor