Jason M. Piel — Art Direction / Creative Direction based in Greater Seattle area, WA, USA

Video Games: Art Direction, Lead, Design, & Generalist

Art Direction, Lead Artist, Game Design, Video Game Art


This is a collcection of the video games I have had the pleasure of Art Directing, Leading, Designing, etc.

As a lead, it is difficult to isolate specifc art assets as my own, as a full team drives the bulk of the content creation. I encourage you to look at the following examples for the consistency of quality, variety of styles, and the evolution of technology.

Check out the “About” page for specifics, or contact me for acomplete protfolio PDF file.Thank you! Jason Piel

ForThe Amazing Society, Griptonite Games (formerly Amaze Entertainment) & Sierra On-line.

This is a collection of Marvel Super Hero Squad comic renders from my days at The Amazing Society/Gazillion.

This is my collection of titles while at Griptonite Games, and the former Amaze Entertainment, a Division of Foundation 9.

These are my titles while at Sierra On-Line.